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  Teaching Philosophy 

I am a firm believer that music can and should be a life-long source of enjoyment. Whether that enjoyment comes through playing the piano, singing, playing in a garage band, jamming with buddies on a Saturday night, marching band, attending an orchestra concert or simply listening to the radio in the car, a life without music is somehow not as complete as it could be. It is my goal as a piano teacher to, at the very least, give students the skills needed to simply enjoy playing piano their entire life. As their teacher, I will encourage and challenge students to reach their highest potential as pianists. Everyone has an artistic spirit inside of them and I strive to nurture and develop that spirit.

Students will explore a wide range of repertoire including classical, jazz, pop, lead sheets, improvisation, accompaniment and duets. Their potential will be challenged through performances, critical listening, technique, theory, history, ear training and memorization.

I love playing the piano and I love teaching. It is my desire to share that with my students and to hopefully plant that same love within them as they discover their potential and achieve their goals.

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